Smishing – Be Aware

From Ben Pearson 

Smishing stands for SMS Phishing and is a term to label scams that try and suck you in over text messages.  Bad people are increasingly targeting you through your smartphone. They send texts that trick you into doing something against your own best interest. At the moment, there is a mystery shopping scam going on, starting out with a text invitation, asking you to send an email for more info which then gets you roped into the scam.

Always, when you get a text, remember to “Think Before You Tap”, because more and more, texts are used for identity theft, bank account take-overs and to pressure you into giving out personal or company confidential information.  Here is a short video made by USA Today that shows how this works:

Also, I’d suggest you read SocialEngineeringRedFlags.pdf as it gives you good advice on avoiding falling for social engineering email scams.

Note: the Hyperlinks section on the PDF talks about the hyperlink pointing to a different website but at Step Teachers we use an email gateway that always converts external, inbound, emails to point at something like “” – the bit in red is the redirect and not a reason to be concerned; the bit in blue is the domain that the URL will take you to and important to keep an eye on.