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Back To School!

By Nina, our supply teacher from Norwich

How did that happen? 42 days have gone! The end of the summer holidays is upon us.

Gradually, the evenings have become shorter and the seasons are changing. You are shocked to realise for a moment you were pining for autumn with its falling leaves, cosy fires and hot drinks tucked up at home. Thoughts of enjoying Halloween, Guy Fawkes and Christmas with friends and family crosses your mind.

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We Break Up! We Break Up!

By Nina, a supply teacher from Plymouth

We break up! We break up! Summer holidays for teachers are here!

It’s the end of term and trays are cleared, artwork comes off the wall, PE kits go home and those Harvest Festival crossword sheets that fell down the back of the book corner are put firmly in the recycling bin. Still no one claims that school jumper but those trainers just have to go. There is certainly a sense of calm on its way.

Receiving a deluge of chocolate, smellies, cuddly toys and the occasional bottle of wine means that skipping out of the school gate is now not an option. Remarkably, wherever the school is that you work in bears no relation to the quantity of the gifts although occasionally it does affect the quality. Just how did Tyler know Lambrini was my favourite? But let’s face it, after the ninth bottle that evening it would be hard to be anything less than appreciative. Continue reading »

Time For a Change

By Bruce, a supply teacher from Norwich

So far, my blogs have been defiantly light, stressing the funny side of supply teaching, but I feel the need for a change.  There is the danger when one is working relatively outside the system, that one can become flippant about the very real pressures facing full-time teachers today.  Recently, I have felt a mixture of luck and real concern; a curious mixture.  Luck for having taken early retirement from full-time teaching before the goal posts were moved over the horizon, and concern for the colleagues I come across in the various schools in which I find myself teaching.

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