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Bedding In Nicely!

By James, our supply teacher from London

I’m feeling a lot more at home in the school since half term.  People know who I am at least, if not quite yet my name.  Staff appear more familiar and the kids are by and large easier to manage in the classroom.

I’ve got my second birthday invite to attend this weekend, a Saturday night event in a themed bar in Hammersmith.   Continue reading »

Making New Friends

By James, our supply teacher from London

I’ve heard it mentioned that the tougher the school the wilder the staff. The context for this particular mention was a social one. Well, last Friday I had my first opportunity to test that theory for my new school. It is certainly a tough school, not the toughest perhaps but I was preparing myself for an interesting evening at the very least. Notionally, we were all there for someone’s birthday. The fact that I had no idea who that was and was still none the wiser as I made my way home the following morning in something of a thick fug, from strange surroundings, speaks volumes. Continue reading »

Back In The Classroom

Editor’s Note

October brings the introduction of a new StepBlogger to the site. James is a supply teacher in London that has recently returned to the classroom.

Ten years away from the classroom and I’ve just completed my first month back as a supply teacher.

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