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Does sugar cause hyperactivity in children?

By Georgia Holleran (For more about The Modern Educator’s Emporium of Smart Thinking go to:www.thesmartthinkingclub.com)

The root of this myth may lie in 1922 when pediatrician WR Shannon removed sugar from the diet of a group of children and noted that they became less restless and irritable. However, the sugar/hyperactivity link was made more public when pediatrician and allergist Benjamin Feingold published The Feingold Diet in 1973. He had been studying the effects of food colourings and preservatives on hyperactive children and recommended that parents avoid any foods containing additives. Sugar was not directly mentioned but the war against additives had begun and led to numerous publications, including Dufty’s Sugar Blues (1975) comparing sugar and its production to that of heroin.

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Supply teaching – is it for me?

By Colin Cartmell-Browne (blog: https://cartmellbrowne.wordpress.com/

There are many reasons for becoming a supply teacher, each different depending on your own personal circumstances. For some people, that reason could be a lack of finding a permanent job once qualified. This may even be a deliberate decision as a recent graduate may just not feel ready to own a class or want more experience. For others, it might be wanting a better home/work life balance or even that they just don’t enjoy ‘owning’ their own classroom. The one thing that no one should do though is to choose supply teaching because it is easier than ‘normal’ teaching. There are many things to consider before taking the decision to become a supply teacher, and this blog post will hopefully give an insight into the sorts of things you need to consider before taking the next step into the world of supply.

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