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Meltdown and Spectre

From Ben Pearson

You be already aware but the computer world is once again under threat from vulnerabilities that exist in our computers.  The latest threats go by the catchy names ‘Meltdown’ and ‘Spectre’ and affect the actual physical chips that sit on our computing devices, rather than the software that is normally under attack.

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Update: Phishing Scams – Be Aware

Some of you would have read in the news today about the latest scandal to hit Uber.  If you were not aware and are a user of the minicab service I suggest you visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42075306.

This post is not to disparage Uber but to bring to your attention that this is triggering phishing scams where you receive an email from ‘Uber’ informing you of the breach and asking you to change your password/update your account.

DO NOT fall for these scams.  This will not actually be Uber.

The cyber fraud community will often use a  newsworthy story as a means to get you to lower your guard and this is happening with Uber. Never click on a link in an email, always go to the website yourself through your browser’s address bar or a bookmark you have set earlier.

Remember, Think Before You Click!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this

Smishing – Be Aware

From Ben Pearson 

Smishing stands for SMS Phishing and is a term to label scams that try and suck you in over text messages.  Bad people are increasingly targeting you through your smartphone. They send texts that trick you into doing something against your own best interest. At the moment, there is a mystery shopping scam going on, starting out with a text invitation, asking you to send an email for more info which then gets you roped into the scam.

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