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How Long Until The Christmas Holidays?!?

By Nina, our supply teacher from Plymouth

“How long is it til…?”

Yes. You’ve guessed right. The kids are talking Christmas already. Never mind the fact that you are still enjoying looking at the Halloween artwork and the Guy Fawkes’ Night poetry on your displays which now starts to look so passé. Christmas? Surely not yet? Eeek! Your heart lurches as you wonder how exactly your personal life will cope with being even busier for a few weeks – no one can escape all the extra invites that come at this time of year. If you are splashing out this Christmas then you are left with a small sense of panic as you wonder how on Earth you are going to fit in the food shopping, present wrapping and finding something suitable for your nearest and dearest. That is before I start to worry about how best to cook the Christmas turkey; will it be Delia Smith’s recipe this year or Jamie Oliver’s? Continue reading »

Does Teaching Make You Wake Up In a Cold Sweat?

By James, our supply teacher from London

I’d forgotten the pleasures of a week off as a teacher.

That sense of being free again, with the day stretching out ahead of you unencumbered by thoughts of hormonal teenagers or lesson plans. And what a lovely week half-term turned out to be. I spent plenty of quality time with my daughter. We paid a visit to the Science Museum, and then strolled around London people watching. At home we relaxed in front of the TV watching films and munching popcorn, made cardboard shops and houses, played games and not to mention the best bit, enjoyed all the welcome lie-ins, a week free of a six thirty alarm call. Continue reading »

What We Did On Our Holidays!

By Bruce, a supply teacher from Norwich

What we did on our holidays……. It sounds like the title of the first piece of writing we had to write on return to primary school in September.

However, the Step Blogger editor asked me how I spent my summer holiday.  Well, apart from spending it wondering when my next pay might be coming in, I was involved in three events this summer that made me think of our concept of ‘community’.

Continue reading »