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Which Peer Group Do I Belong To Now?

By James, our supply teacher from London

I left you last week somewhat perilously positioned on the edge of a suggestion that during the weekend just passed I may find love. Well, you can drag yourselves back from that particular precipice as I most certainly did not find love. I did though find ridiculously heavy rain, social awkwardness and the most offensive cab driver in the world, but more on him later. As planned, some of the staff met up in Hammersmith on Saturday evening to celebrate one of our members turning thirty. Although the inclement weather had clearly affected the turnout, there were still enough in attendance to ensure I wasn’t bored. It was nice, if a little odd initially, to see these people in a different context, all glammed up, drinking, letting their guard down. I did wonder a few times what the kids at school would make of Ms Bower dry humping a pole, wine glass in one hand, random man in the other. But who I really want to talk about is that group from the staff who had evidently never been anywhere like this before. They were clearly there out of obligation rather than any sense of belonging to the scene. And by scene I mean just being in a trendy bar of any description. They looked like the proverbial fish out of water and provided me with great entertainment. Continue reading »

Making New Friends

By James, our supply teacher from London

I’ve heard it mentioned that the tougher the school the wilder the staff. The context for this particular mention was a social one. Well, last Friday I had my first opportunity to test that theory for my new school. It is certainly a tough school, not the toughest perhaps but I was preparing myself for an interesting evening at the very least. Notionally, we were all there for someone’s birthday. The fact that I had no idea who that was and was still none the wiser as I made my way home the following morning in something of a thick fug, from strange surroundings, speaks volumes. Continue reading »

Benefits of Hitting the Gym Before the Classroom

By Olivia, a personal trainer in London

Hard day at school! Do I really want to head off to the gym now? I know from when I worked in an office and was mentally tired, that I was physically exhausted before I walked through those gym doors! I am not saying that being mentally tired affects your muscles but it would make it harder for you to train vigorously. After all, if you keep telling yourself how tired you are it will make you believe that your exercises are more strenuous. This is because you don’t have that burst of energy that most people have in the morning. You may even think that those exercises are more difficult than they are if you attempt them after a long day. I appreciate that not everyone can go to the gym and run at 100 mph and that for most people, their sessions are at a comfortable/moderate intensity and this will still benefit you if you are feeling stressed. Continue reading »