How to deal with angry and upset parents

by Georgia Holleran (for more about The Modern Educator’s Emporium of Smart Thinking go

Angry parents are always fearful to behold. They seem to call into question your professional integrity and the way you work. Obviously this will bring feelings of anxiety in where they’re not needed. Parents and teachers need to work together to achieve the goal, which is ultimately to do the best they can by their child.


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Update: Phishing Scams – Be Aware

Some of you would have read in the news today about the latest scandal to hit Uber.  If you were not aware and are a user of the minicab service I suggest you visit

This post is not to disparage Uber but to bring to your attention that this is triggering phishing scams where you receive an email from ‘Uber’ informing you of the breach and asking you to change your password/update your account.

DO NOT fall for these scams.  This will not actually be Uber.

The cyber fraud community will often use a  newsworthy story as a means to get you to lower your guard and this is happening with Uber. Never click on a link in an email, always go to the website yourself through your browser’s address bar or a bookmark you have set earlier.

Remember, Think Before You Click!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this