Too Testing or Exam Time Again

By Nina, a supply teacher in Plymouth

Pressure, they say, is just the shadow of a great opportunity. However watching primary pupils line up outside the test room looks akin to taking their first steps on to the gang- plank of the Titanic. Further up the school system our A’ Level pupils, whilst more aware of what they enter into, have a journey to complete which has the potential consequences of a Challenger Disaster.

Examination periods can be a quiet time for supply as schools cancel courses, drag any poorly colleagues out of their sickbeds and teachers come forth to support their pupils. Students, whom they have tried hard to learn to love and taught them everything they know, will hopefully show off their vast knowledge: in particular to just read the question properly. Continue reading »

My ’56 Up’

By Bruce, a supply teacher in Norwich

Editor’s Note. The blog title given to us by Bruce was My ’56’ Up but after reading his blog I feel it should probably be re-titled something like ‘Incredible Achievements By ‘Normal’ People’ or ‘Who Said Supply Teachers Are Not Special?’ This may seem slightly cryptic but it will all make sense.

This blog was originally published in 2012.


My ’56 Up’

Just recently, ITV has been showing ’56 Up’, the latest in a series of programmes that started nearly fifty years ago with ‘7 Up’ in which a group of seven year olds were asked of their dreams and aspirations. The subsequent programmes have followed them every seven years. As my wife and I are both the same age as the participants, I thought I would do my own, especially as at every time, I have been involved in education, either as pupil, student, parent, teacher or governor.
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A Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind

By Olivia, a personal trainer in London

Children are naturally fit/healthy and flexible aren’t they?

Most of us tell our children that they have to do some kind of exercise to keep them healthy, but if you want to promote health related exercise to children then they have to know the reasons why they are doing it. Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean making your children exercise 2 to 3 times a week and hoping for the best. They have to understand the importance of daily exercise, good nutrition and wellness. This may sound boring but it works. You have to teach children good habits and then that way a healthy lifestyle is easier for them to maintain, after all that is the hard bit………..for all of us!!
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