We Break Up! We Break Up!

By Nina, a supply teacher from Plymouth

We break up! We break up! Summer holidays for teachers are here!

It’s the end of term and trays are cleared, artwork comes off the wall, PE kits go home and those Harvest Festival crossword sheets that fell down the back of the book corner are put firmly in the recycling bin. Still no one claims that school jumper but those trainers just have to go. There is certainly a sense of calm on its way.

Receiving a deluge of chocolate, smellies, cuddly toys and the occasional bottle of wine means that skipping out of the school gate is now not an option. Remarkably, wherever the school is that you work in bears no relation to the quantity of the gifts although occasionally it does affect the quality. Just how did Tyler know Lambrini was my favourite? But let’s face it, after the ninth bottle that evening it would be hard to be anything less than appreciative.

SIX FULL WEEKS! 42 DAYS! The days stretch out endlessly. This really is a superb job to get paid for SIX WEEKS! 42 DAYS! Have I mentioned that already?

Holidays for teachers begin in one of two ways, depending on your personality type. Either it will be a trip of a lifetime with a flight out of the UK dashing after the school bell rings with neatly packed bags. Or it will a slow starter with a well deserved treat built into the end. Neither is right or wrong but it is crucial to arrive back in September with a significant story that can entertain colleagues on the INSET day.

If you stay local it will give you a chance to catch up with friends who frequently are teachers who you haven’t seen since last summer! Restaurants and places that other people have been gassing about are there to try out. It is an opportune moment to attend to any household chores too so that you can enjoy your home since you work so very hard to pay for it.

Going abroad has its many advantages too. Going somewhere hot and exotic can rekindle your sense of adventure, your youthful zest for life and your sense of self. It can also rekindle that rash again and a phonecall from your bank manager but let’s keep quiet about that bit.

Having time away from your pupil and classroom responsibilities, the planning, the assessment and the meetings, is vital. Late nights, lie-ins, eating when you want, being with friends and family, exercising outdoors, all make your mind and body spring (or saunter again depending on your mood) to a different level. However if you find yourself counting down the weeks until school starts again then please beware. Try to think instead of six weeks not as one long break but as x14 bank holiday weekends! Marvellous isn’t it? YES! FOURTEEN BANK HOLIDAY WEEKENDS!