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The Advantages of Supply – A Personal Story

By Anne Thompson

I follow the TES on Facebook, but sometimes I wish I didn’t.  I worry about the constant stream of negative posts about workload, the number of new and experienced teachers leaving the profession….and so on.  I do wonder, sometimes, if we teachers talk ourselves into being fed-up.  There are those trite postcards that state things like, “Don’t let other people’s negativity bring you down…”; “Share a smile with someone, not a frown”…

But then I stop…and I reflect……..

I am one of those people being talked about in the TES articles.

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Being a Successful Supply Teacher

By Bruce, our supply teacher from Norwich

Editor’s Note.

Bruce has been working as a supply teacher in the Norwich area for many years and he has fantastic experience of what makes a successful supply teacher. He has compiled this experience into a list of strategies that any supply teacher or support worker can use to their advantage. The one addition to this list that Step Teachers would make is to always ask the person managing the supply cover if they need you back the next day (on short-term cover).

Success Strategies for Supply Teaching

For those who have never tried supply teaching, it might be difficult to balance the positives against any perceived negative aspects of the work. The general positives are those of being able to make some choices about your work patterns and your life-work balance whilst the negative can be a somewhat unpredictable income. Continue reading »

Too Shocking To Think About.

By James, our supply teacher from London

Editor’s Note. This blog was originally published in December 2012, just after the mass shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School where 26 innocent people died, including 6 members of staff

Welcome to my last offering of 2012.

I’d planned a very different blog to the one eventually submitted.

I’d written about my angst over having to take part in performance management observations despite being a lowly supply teacher, I’d also written about the countdown to the holidays and how the last week was sure to be one infested with dvd viewing, staff (me) stoically trying to convince anyone prepared to listen that it was entirely justifiable showing Year 8 The Island, or Jurassic Park after having read the book Unique (they all feature cloning, to varying degrees) in class. I was going to recount the interesting events of our staff Christmas party and our department meal (you’ve got to love drunken teachers!). Continue reading »